Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil – Yellow

$54.95 inc. GST

Unlike traditional sun tanning oils, Melanoboost contains PEPTIDES; smart, active ingredients designed to boost the skin’s melanin levels to activate and accelerate the natural tanning process before, during and after UV exposure.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil combines this advanced peptide technology with 8 nutrient rich oils carefully selected for their superior skin conditioning properties and light weight textures. The silky consistency of the formula spreads easily and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin looking glossy without feeling greasy.

Exposure to the sun and outdoor elements can leave the skin feeling dry, tight and thirsty for moisture. Melanoboost’s exclusive oil blend instantly feeds the skin with much needed moisture during UV exposure, with a lasting effect that quashes any dry, after-sun tightness.

*** Remember to always take a balanced approach to sun exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk. Melanoboost Peptide sun tanning oil does not contain sun-screen, so be sure to apply your usual sun protection after you have applied Melanoboost.

Size: 160ml