At The Beauty Co we love to help our brides, grooms, bridesmaids, groomsmen, family or friends prepare for the big day!

We like to consider ourselves a one stop shop from preparing your skin months out, to waxing, nails, lashes and tans just before.

Our team can advice you on a timeline of your treatments to have you feeling your best.

It’s not just weddings, but any event you have!



“I had a skin consult with Taylah about 8 months before my wedding. I had just had my second baby and was dealing with a lot of scarring and hormonal breakouts. Taylah and the girls were incredible, they sorted out a treatment plan for me which included a combination of Enzyme Therapy, Skin Needling and Laser Genesis treatments, accompanied with DMK skincare at home. I noticed an instant improvement in my skin! My makeup artist, who has done my makeup for over 10 years commented that my skin was the best she had ever seen it!

I cannot thank Taylah and The Beauty Co team enough for giving me confidence in my skin again and I can’t wait to continue my treatments with them!”


“I started my skin journey at the Beauty Company right in the middle of Covid (2020-21) and had so many break outs, scarring and my skin felt dry and horrible! I completed a comprehensive skin consultation with Taylah and we got right into our enzyme treatments and skin needling every 4-6 weeks and a strict at home treatment plan! When I got married last year, Taylah increased my visits and chose specific treatments to make sure I glowed on one of the most important days! And she did just that! I was so glowing and my skin was clear, smooth and amazing.

I’m still attending the Beauty Company and we are continuing to improve my skin and make it the best it can be! I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin! I never wear make up because I love how my skin looks and feels and, that is all thanks to Taylah! 4 years and counting and I’m obsessed!”


I first went to The Beauty Co. around six months before my wedding as I’d been struggling with my skin for some time – mainly acne and dryness – and really wanted it to look great for our wedding. After an initial consultation with Taylah, she mapped out a treatment plan and I started having regular skin treatments and using the recommended DMK products at home. I noticed improvements straight away and was so happy with my skin by the time of my wedding. My makeup artist commented on how easy it was to apply my makeup as my skin was in such good shape. 

Post wedding I’m not having my treatments nearly as often (even though I’d love to), but am continuing to follow Taylah’s advice for at-home care. My skin continues to be the best it’s been in years. I would absolutely recommend the team at The Beauty Co. for anyone wanting to improve their skin for their wedding. And the best part is, the results last beyond the big day!” 


“I cannot thank The Beauty Co. team for the service they provided in the lead up to my wedding! Even though I left it a little close to the time, they did as much as they could for my skin and the results were amazing!! I was absolutely obsessed with my skin after the Enzyme Treatments and Laser Genesis as well as using the DMK products at home. I seriously want to do the process all over again! My skin has never been so clear, plump, hydrated and glowy! It certainly gave me great skin confidence and it was just perfect for my wedding day. Even in the lead up, coming in to have treatments was so relaxing amongst all the craziness of the wedding planning.

For every bride out there wanting to achieve their best skin in the lead up to their wedding, I couldn’t recommend The Beauty Company enough!” 


“I have been going to The Beauty Co. for years and they have transformed my skin. Their knowledge and treatment plans are exceptional, and the results speak for themselves. I have seen a few different therapists over the years at The Beauty Co. and they are all as amazing as each other. I had been seeing Taylah in the lead up to the wedding on a consistent basis for Enzyme Therapy along with my at home regime and have been trying to keep the consistency going post wedding as I am over the moon with how my skin is responding.

I would highly recommend any of the beautiful ladies at The Beauty Co. to have you prepped and feeling your best for your big day!”