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We know through our own experiences that having skin concerns can play a huge part in confidence and mental health. That’s why we work hard with you to bring back your skin confidence.

Our DMK skin therapists are continuously studying to ensure they can offer the best and most up to date advice and care.

Working with DMK Enzyme Therapy, Dermapen Skin Needling and the Cutera XEO Laser we have been able to achieve these amazing results and so can you!

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Stella has been attending The Beauty Company now for just over a year, her main concern being Pigmentation. This concern started to present after the birth of her children around 10 years ago.

In the past she has tried multiple treatments and products to clear the pigmentation but was not successful until she attending The Beauty Company.

To achieve these results Stella has been rigorous with her home care routine that focuses on lightening and inhibiting pigmentation.

We have completed a course of 9 Skin revision treatments with DMK and Dermapen Skin Needling to achieve these results and Stella has moved on to the maintenance phase.

Stella is fully committed to her home care routine and never misses an appointment.

"I have been coming to see the wonderful Skin Team at the Beauty Company now for over a year, and I cannot recommend her enough! I have had problems with my skin for years and since attending The Beauty Co, I don’t even recognise my own face anymore. It’s clear, bright, smooth and hydrated and most of all I finally feel confident in my own skin. I am still a regular client and I always look forward to my treatments! When I first walked into The Beauty Company I was so fed up with my skin and now I cant wait to go in! My Skin Therapist always designs treatment plans specific to my skin concerns and is super knowledgeable and always answers all my questions! I cannot thank her and the beauty company enough!"
Beauty Co Client


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Tegan came to The Beauty Company concerned with sensitivity, dermatitis and breakouts that she has been struggling with for the last few years.

The skin presented as inflamed, dry and impaired around mouth and eyes. Tegan was extremely uncomfortable and found the skin was cracking and bleeding at times, having used Roaccutane in the past to manage her skin, she felt she had no choice but to start again recently. We discussed the benefits of coming off the medication and letting us work our magic with DMK.

We recommended she would need a full internal and external refresh. We started with LED treatments and Enzyme Level 1, slowly introduced more advanced treatments.

Tegan completed the digestive tune up for internal gut health along with using the DMK MD Enbioment range to rebuild the skin.

Tegan’s skin is still a work in progress but we are all thrilled with her results so far.

"I’ve been going to the beauty company for the last month to help treat the eczema and dermatitis on my face as well as some post-acne redness and inflammation. My skin’s barrier had been severely damaged and I was hyper sensitive to every product under the sun. A friend recommended The Beauty Co and I’m not exaggerating when I say that the treatments and DMK skincare products have saved my skin. The transformation from my first treatment to now has been unbelievable. My confidence is back, my skin feels like my own again, and I’m so grateful to the amazing Skin Team for helping get my skin back on track and looking better than it has in years."
Beauty Co Client


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Sarah originally came to The Beauty Company with a gift voucher in preparation for her wedding and was hooked straight away! She has now become a long term Skin client ever since.

Sarah’s original concern was feeling sensitive and dry from her breakouts and scarring. We began clearing up the congestion and breakouts by treating the underlying cause to now treating the scarring through a course of skin revision with DMK. Her skin is now bright, clear and healthy! Sarah is now in the maintenance phase of her skin care program.

Sarah is a great client and very adherent to her home prescriptives and treatments.


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Tegan had a skin cancer removed from her cheek and although performed by a plastic surgeon she was still conscious of the puckering and raised ends of her scar. 

We have been treating Tegan’s full face and paying extra attention to her scar. We have combined DMK Enzyme Therapy, Dermapen Skin Needling and Laser Genesis to promote collagen growth and break down scar tissue, paired with DMK Home Prescriptive.

Tegan is so happy with the progress of her scar revision so far.


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Erin has struggled with Acne on and off throughout her life. Since falling pregnant with the change of hormones her skin flared up and she felt she was back to square one.

We treated her skin throughout her pregnancy with pregnancy safe Enzyme treatments and DMK home prescriptives.

Amazing results have been achieved so far and we are now moving to the next stage of treating the scarring once the baby is born.

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