Salon Etiquette

Here at The Beauty Company we employ the very best therapists and we invest a great deal in enhancing their education and training to give our clients exceptional service. To ensure we are able to maintain these standards we ask of our clients to follow our booking policy below.


No-shows and last-minute cancellations have substantial adverse effects on our business. It means that other clients cannot book these time slots with us, and both therapists and other clients are inconvenienced. We are aware things are changing daily, things pop up and clients are required to isolate last minute while we completely understand this cannot be helped, we do ask that you please notify us as soon as possible to avoid a cancellation fee.

Arriving late to your appointment means that we may not be able to accommodate your full service as this will impact the remaining days appointments and other clients. Please consider traffic, parking etc to ensure you arrive on time. If running late please call the salon to notify us of your estimated arrival time so we can do our best to prepare for you. In the case of extreme lateness, we will unfortunately need to reschedule your appointment. This will be considered a no show.

Please understand that upon cancelling or rescheduling your appointment within of our policy timeframe doesn’t allow us the ability or resources to cover our therapists time. This impacts our small business greatly.

Our goal is to accommodate as many clients as possible during each business day and ensure that everyone has a sufficient opportunity to be seen by our therapists. Helping us by providing this courtesy, will allow us to better serve you during your visits.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Therefor, we hope you can appreciate that we require your booking to be secured with a credit card.

You can add this securely to your client profile. It will be encrypted and only visible to you. After making your appointment you will be sent an SMS with the appointment details and a link to your client profile to add your card.

We require 48 hours notice for any changes or to cancel your booking, if this notice is not provided your card will be charged a cancellation fee (50% of the appointment price).

Failure to confirm your booking 24 hours prior will result in automatic cancellation of your appointment and your stored card will be charged a cancellation fee (50% of the appointment price).

You can edit your appointment online up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, any changes after this will require you to contact the salon directly via phone or email. We do not accept Instagram messages for appointment changes.