Laser Hair Removal

We work with the best laser machine possible as we take pride in our results, whilst also having service that is second to none during your laser experience.

We constantly see amazing results from our Laser Machine when it comes to Hair Removal. Providing faster results, with greater comfort and zero downtime, hair follicles are precisely targeted and destroyed using a combination of light and radio frequency energies to achieve permanent hair reduction.

The Elos Plus Laser can be used on all areas of the body and on most occasions no more than four treatments are required for substantial hair reduction.


$30 - redeemable on laser treatment

Every body type is different and we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Come in for a personalised consultation to ensure we tailor your Laser treatments to your needs as we achieve the results you want! 

Before we proceed to treat you we will always conduct a Laser Consultation. This way we can ensure you are the perfect candidate and that we can get amazing results for you. We will discuss the area you would like treated, expected results and perform a patch test. After 24 hours you can proceed with treatment if you have has no adverse reactions.

Apart from all the great things they do here, I have to mention laser, yes it stung a bit of first but after 1 session I saw results, went back for the 2nd….. it’s hardly worthy doing as there’s hardly any hair left! I’ll have it all done in 3 sessions probably. No burning, no after pain, no side effects at all!! Great Work.

- Amy

Why are we Different?

1. Our machine, the Elos Plus from Syneron Candela, is the best in the business for speed and quality with the latest technology guaranteeing the best results.

2. Our service is personalised. We tailor our treatments to ensure the best results for you as an individual. Other clinics have a one-size fits all approach whereas we know that everyone is different and therefore each treatment plan will differ. We do not classify ourselves as a high volume clinic but rather care about our clients and focus on quality not quantity.

3. Safety is a priority. The Syneron Candela has a high safety profile as they are a leader in the industry with an impeccable reputation for excellence and safety.

Female Laser

Brazilian $59

Underarm $49

Full Arm $89

Full Leg $125

1/2 Arm $59

3/4 leg $99

1/2 Leg $69

Upper half leg $89

Full Face $69

Side of Face $25

2X (G-String) $49

snail trail $29

Full stomach $59

Inner thigh $30

Lower back $49

Hands and fingers $39

Buttocks $59

Bikini $29

Chin $25

Upper Lip $25

neck $45

Male Laser

1/2 Arm $59

Back & Shoulders $110

Back $69

Chest & Stomach $99

Chest $59

Chest, Stomach, Back & Shoulders $199

Full Arm $99

Back, shoulders, top 1/2 arm $150

1/2 arm $59

Full Leg $169

Feet & Toes $45

Hands & Fingers $45

Neck $45

Shoulders $59

Underarm $69

Laser Bundles

female - Brazilian and underarm $99

female - Brazilian, Full Leg & Underarm $220

female - BRAZILIAN, 1/2 LEG & UNDERARM $170