Treat Acne and Win

Acne and pimples can be a major hurdle when it comes to self-confidence and healthy skin. Our trained practitioners at The Beauty Company would love to help you achieve your goal of clear, acne free skin. While there are no ‘quick fixes,’ there are solutions and treatment plans that our team would love to help you with.

Your skin is our obsession and our highest priority, read about one of our most recent clients and the journey we were able to take her on.

Meet Tori

As you can see Tori struggled with severe acne and it was taking a toll on her confidence and her identity. Reason for such poor skin was a combination of poor gut health, not taking care of her skin regularly and using products you buy off the shelf from the place you buy your food (lol). She came in for a skin consult and this is what we love, women (and men) ready to take action and make a plan to achieve the skin they want. Our goal and hers alike was to go make up free before her wedding in April!!

During her first Skin Consult we had a thorough examination on her skin and came up with a treatment plan that was perfect for her skin concern. We got her on Enzyme Therapy, with a daily night routine and Regulate to help her have great skin from within. Tori had to make a commitment to her skin but she was willing and made it a priority and has reaped the reward.

This is the incredible results. Make up free and looking amazing. We have been on this journey with Tori and have loved every minute of it. Seeing her achieve her goals and gain more and more confidence every single day due to outstanding skin is what we love. Tori now has her skin routine set and looks after her skin daily and keeps her skin looking brand new.

Tori is one of many clients we help take on Acne and win! All you need to do is book in for a Skin Consult and we can work together to achieve the skin you dream about!