Summer Skin Care Essentials

Summer is the time to get outdoors and enjoy beaches, sunshine, swimming! With all this outdoor fun our skin can suffer. Exposure to prolonged UV, pool chlorine, clogged skin from sunscreen and more! However, a few simple steps can help keep the sun damage at bay, keep our skin hydrated and feeling amazing.

Choose the right SPF

SPF is an absolute MUST in the harsh Australian sun, we recommend applying spf year round as those nasty uv rays stay around 365. Choosing the correct spf is pivotal to ensuring you stay protected. A few things to look for are a broad spectrum uva and uvb protector. If you are going swimming make sure the spf is water resistant and ensure to wait 20 minutes after applying so the spf is fully absorbed before entering the water. Reapply every 4 hours or when you get out of the water each time. We recommend DMK Soleil SPF range.



Deep Pore, DMK Deep Pore Cleanser, DMK

Cleanse your skin thoroughly

After a day at the beach or pool, come home and give your skin a through cleanse using cleanser to remove any residue of your spf, sand or chlorine. Some spf products can clog the skin causing breakouts or sensitivity. We recommend DMK Deep Pore Cleanser for through cleansing without stripping the skin.




Keep Hydrated

Hydration internally and externally is crucial for keeping our bodies and skin healthy. Spending long days in the sun and sweating can really deplete our water storage. When we are internally hydrated our skin is bouncy, plump and glowing. Our skin cells hold water and when they are dehydrated they can shrivel like a sultana, this is what leads to our skin looking crepey, dehydrated and lack lustre. Often our body is not treated with the same amount of care as our face, treat your body with a rich body moisturiser and nourishing body wash. We recommend DMK Hydralouffa Body Wash and Maximum Moisture Body Cream. To lock moisture in we recommend Hydroloc for your face, this can be applied on top of your regular moisturiser or as an alternative, this will aid in preventing water loss.



Fake it! Don’t bake it!

Looking for a perfect summer tan!? Fake it baby! We all know the damage our sun can do! Not only does it cause sun damage, premature aging but the most worrying part is skin cancers. Don’t risk it, use fake tan to a flawless tan! We recommend Tuscan Tan tanning drops! So easy just add a few drops to your moisturiser for easy tanning!




OOPS, I got sunburnt!

Ok we know it happens! We are all guilty! So what now? We need to sooth and repair. The ultimate combo of DMK Beta Gel and Solar Damage Gel will have you skin smiling again! Beta Gel stimulates our skin healing cells and solar damage gel helps to sooth, cool, calm and hydrate the skin.