Skin Treatment FAQs

Never had a skin treatment before or perhaps new to The Beauty Co’s skin treatments? Our frequently asked questions are here to help answer anything big or small.

We have a variety of skin treatments, all designed to give you maximum results!

I’m not sure which treatment to book?

No problem! We are here to guide you. We will try to ascertain if you are looking for a foundation skin treatment or skin revision and advise from there. If you’re still not sure then let’s book you in for a one on one Skin Consultation with one our skin therapists where they will analyse and advise the best direction for you to achieve your skin goals.

What is the difference between Foundation Skin treatments and Skin Revision treatments?

Our skin services are broken down into two main categories Foundation and Revision.

Foundation treatments are designed for those who love to take care of their skin but don’t want the commitment of a long treatment plan. These treatments allow space for your skin to be treated and cared for while working around your busy schedule.

Foundation treatments are great for a quick skin fix, maintenance or a little pamper time while achieving some skin results.

Revision Treatments treatments are all about go hard or go home! These treatments are designed to target, treat and repair concerns. These treatments are less relaxation and more clinical but still in the comfort of our cosy facial rooms. Skin revision treatments are designed to achieve results when committing to a tailored skin program. 

Still not sure? No problems! Book in for a skin consultation and our therapists will advise the best treatment for you.

What does the Skin Consultation involve?

Our skin consultation starts with a comprehensive consultation form that is sent to you prior to your appointment. This information is used to help us diagnose and create a plan for you. We will take photos of your skin with our observe machine, this allows us to see below the skin’s surface to get a better understanding of your skin and your concerns. We will create a detailed home care prescription and treatment plan for you based on your skin needs, your time and budget. Our comprehensive consultation is $50.

What’s the difference between the different enzymes?

We have many different “levels” of enzyme therapy, within these levels we have even more options depending on your skin needs. Our therapists will advise you which enzyme level you need and exactly what they will do within this treatment. The level of the enzyme treatment actually refers to what sort of specialist treatments we perform within the treatment. The levels go up as we get stronger and stronger.

If you are just starting out with enzymes we will start at a level 1 or level 2a, as we continue to build the skin we can advance the level of the enzyme. Our therapists will always advise you what treatment to next book for. 

What is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is as it sounds, we use tiny micro needles to penetrate the skin. The microfine needles create a virtually painless “controlled injury”. When the body goes to fix that injury, it creates new collagen and elastin within the skin. It’s an effective and natural rejuvenation that offers results within a couple of treatments. It’s safe for all skin types and colours. 

Can I book Skin Needling?

We don’t recommend jumping straight in to skin needling if we are unfamiliar with your skin. We prefer to ensure your skin is strong and healthy before we perform this treatment. This way we can ensure your skin maintains its health and you get maximum results from your treatment. Performing skin needling when the skin is not healthy can cause more harm than good. We usually recommend at least 2 enzymes and a good home care routine before we needle the skin. Your skin therapist will advise if they think skin needling will work for you.

How long do the treatments take?

Depending on the treatment will depend on the length of time our foundation treatments go from 40-60 minutes. Our enzyme treatments go from 70-90 minutes and skin needling goes for 40 minutes or 90 minutes when an enzyme is included.

What products are used in the treatments?

We use DMK skin care in all our professional enzyme and foundation treatments as well as stocking DMK as our home care.

We use DP Dermaceuticals for our Skin Needling treatments as this has been designed to work exclusively with Dermapen 4 for maximum results.

Can I have DMK treatments and not use DMK skin care or vise versa?

DMK’s concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN utilises our signature Enzyme Therapy treatments to encourage the revision and rebuilding of new more optimally functioning cells for healthier younger-looking skin. Our Home Prescriptive products then enhance, protect and maintain these results. Only having treatments and not using products or vice versa means we cannot guarantee the incredible results that are possible.

Do I need to prepare for my treatment, do I need to remove my makeup?

Generally there is no preparation required, in all our facials we will begin with a thorough skin cleanse so there is no problem if you arrive with makeup on.

For our more advanced treatments we do have some preparation required, such as using a certain product to prep the skin but this will be outlined by your therapist before starting this type of treatment.

Will my skin break out after?

It is perfectly normal to experience breakouts after skin treatments, though they are not causing them. This is a process we call ‘purging’, which is when our treatments release underlying congestion trapped deep down within the pores and pushes it up to the surface. We see this is a positive response as we are waking up skin functions that were not working optimally. We want to encourage purging as part of the REMOVE phase of the DMK concept. With consistent treatments and use of your DMK Home Prescriptive products these breakouts will clear up as quickly as possible.

If you have a special event coming up and you have not had regular treatments we would suggest having your treatments a few weeks prior incase of any purging.

I have had a treatment and now my skin feels tight and dry?

This is perfectly normal! Post treatment dryness is due to the stimulation of the enzymes in your skin that are responsible for controlling the natural exfoliating process as well as the increase of the hydration levels in your skin. Dead cells that have been caked onto the surface of your skin unable to lift away, are now finally beginning to shed away resulting in the skin feeling slightly tight and dry. Your skin therapist will advise you how to care for your skin post treatment.

Will there be down time after my treatment?

Most facial treatments will not cause any “down time” you will leave looking fresh! However, skin needling and some of our more advanced enzyme treatments can cause redness, flaking or peeling. Your skin therapist will advise you what to expect and how to look after your skin post treatment.

How long until I see results?

After your skin treatment you can expect the beautiful glow, silky texture, and juicy plump appearance so results can be instant! We expect this to last on average, a minimum of one week. With consistent treatments and use of your DMK Home Prescriptive products, the longevity of your results increases extensively. Once we have achieved your skin goals, your skin therapist will adjust your skin regime to a maintenance program to ensure you keep the results you have achieved.

How many treatments will I need or how often will I need to come in?

The number of treatments you require varies depending on the severity of your skin condition, how long you have had it, and if there are any underlying contributing factors. Your therapists will advise you how many treatments and how far between each treatment they think is best for you. Each and every person’s skin journey is different and we will tailor a plan for you.

Can I have a facial treatment if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes you sure can! Our treatment beds can be adjusted to ensure you are comfortable. Most of our facial treatments are perfectly safe to do during pregnancy or breastfeeding. We will make adjustments where necessary as some products are not recommended to use during these stages.

Are the products Vegan?

DMK is predominantly botanical based however, some of our products and treatment formulations do contain fish oils as well as albumen, a product derived from eggs. Your DMK Skin Revision Technician will be able to discuss with you which Home Prescriptive products and treatments will be suitable for you. As a guide though, the following products and treatments are not suitable for vegans: Acu Cream and Herbal Pigment Oil both contain Cod liver oil. Our EFA’s oil is vegan, however it is encapsulated in a fish gelatine. DMK’s Enzyme Therapy treatments contain albumen, a product derived from eggs, in their formulations. DMK does not test on animals.