Booking Information

As we prepare to reopen, we understand that COVID has affected each person and family differently. For some it has been physically hard, financially hard and emotionally stressful. We also understand that for some it has been a great opportunity to learn rest, possibly save money and understand a slower way of living. It’s fair to say everyone has their own experience and opinion on the pandemic. We ask that as we return to face to face treatments, we can keep our environment a “Covid Convo” free space. Let’s leave the pandemic chat and politics at the door and instead celebrate our newfound freedoms and the exciting times ahead!

For our team and our industry, it has been a really testing time filled with so much uncertainty and now even in reopening we are still faced with decisions no small businesses should have to make let alone enforce. There is currently a lot of conversation about what things will look like when we reopen as we know things can change quite literally overnight.

As a business we are bound by the current laws set by the Victorian Government. As it stands at this moment, we are currently only able to see vaccinated clients and unvaccinated clients a little later when the mandate changes. Along with following our legal obligations, we fully support inclusivity and choice. Which means we don’t force our team or clients to be vaccinated. It does however mean that we are bound by the current laws in place that any team or clients who are not vaccinated will continue to work or be supported remotely until the mandates change.

We hope everyone appreciates the difficult nature of this mandate and continues to be understanding, supportive and patient.

At the time of booking your appointment whether over the phone or online, our team will be asking about your vaccination status. When you arrive for your appointment, please use the QR code to check in and provide proof of your vaccination status. This will then be noted on your client file to save you presenting your vaccination certificate each time you visit.

If you arrive for an appointment and are unable to provide your vaccination certificate the appointment will be forfeited along with the booking deposit as this will be considered a late cancellation.

If you have booked an appointment and paid a deposit but are unable to attend due to the current mandate in place, we can either rebook your appointment for a later date or refund the deposit. If you would need to cancel an appointment for this reason, please email us at as soon as possible.

Please be patient with us as we have a lot of clients to get through and this is the busiest time of the year for us.