My experience with DMK Remodelling Procedure (RP)

Recently I underwent a DMK remodelling procedure (RP) this is one of the DMK most intensive treatments.

What is the RP?

RP is a peeling system based on our Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain philosophy. It revises the architecture of the skin, addressing the underlying condition, with an aim to return these areas to a strong, healthy and youthful condition. RP is based on the preservation of healthy and attractive skin on the body and face.

What Does The RP Treat?

An RP is a treatment for:
– Pigmentation
– Signs of ageing
– Sagging skin
– Skin texture and integrity
– Vascular scarring
– Pigmentation caused by sun damage


An RP treatment involves 6 salon visits;

Visit 1 & 2 – We prepare the skin for the peeling phase by doing x2 Enzyme therapy treatments.

Visit 3 & 4 – We apply the RP solution to the skin. After each visit the solution is required to stay on the skin for a minimum of 10 hours. It is integral for these visits to be within consecutive days to achieve proper depth of the solution into the mid-epidermal layer of the skin.

Visit 5 & 6 – We perform what we call a lift off enzyme. This where we gently exfoliate the skin and apply the DMK enzyme to flush out toxins and aid in the rebuilding process of the skin. The first lift off is performed 5 days after visit 4 with the second lift off being after visit 5 (10 days after the second peel).


Absolutely! To perform this treatment the skin needs to be well prepped and in good health. We recommend at least 2-4 enzymes prior and a full DMK home care regime.

10-14 days prior to the peel you are required to apply Revitosin (vitamin A) every evening. Revitosin helps to regulate any cellular dysfunction to restore balance and rebuild the skin.


Within these 10 days every day can look different! Every skin is different so there is no one size fits all however in my experience I felt there where only 2 real days of “down time”

Day One – The first peel was applied, during the application it was hot and warm on the skin, I was given a fan to aid in this sensation and it wasn’t too bad at all. I kept the solution on over night as I didn’t feel like staying up late to wash it off. Throughout the day I occasionally felt warmth from my skin and a little itching especially where I had break outs, a fan helps this subside. My skin was a little pink and a little swollen, sort of like I had a bad sunburn sensation. No pain at all.

Day Two – In the morning I washed my skin and applied after care products. At lunch time I received my second layer of peels. The peel solution was applied to my whole face, depending on your skin it may only be applied to key areas of concern and we avoid any areas of peeling etc. During the application of the second layers it did feel uncomfortable I won’t lie! The sensation of heat and stinging was present and I used a fan to help with this during the application process. Once application was completed my skin was fairly warm and a little stingy but it did subside fairly quickly.

Day Three – Again I had kept the solution on over night, in the morning I cleansed and applied my aftercare. This was my most uncomfortable day as the skin was very tight. No pain at all just tight! Throughout the day I continued to apply Solar Damage Gel to alleviate the tightness.

Day Four – I felt like I had aged 100 years as my skin was extremely tight and ready to peel! My pigmentation had started to darken and I started to notice some breakouts appearing. Both completely normal as we are essentially pulling these things up to the surface and out of the skin. As the day went on my skin began to peel back from the mouth and nose area first. This is due to the extra movement around this area from talking and eating. The peeling felt like a relief from the tightness the day before. Throughout the day I would trim the peeling skin with sanitised scissors and apply Contraderm to the new fresh skin. Never peel the skin or pick at it!! This can cause pigmentation, sore skin etc.

As you can see from the photos below my skin changed so much in just one day!! I had an event this evening so I put on some of our medical makeup for coverage.

Day Five – I would normally have a lift off enzyme today but it was a Sunday and we where closed so I just continued to hydrate my skin with lots of Contraderm and continue trimming the peeling skin. I experience some secondary peeling around my mouth area where my skin was rather thick.

Day Six – Today my skin started to feel like my own again! I had a lift off enzyme, we mix a gentle exfoliant with the enzyme mask. This is applied and sets for 45 mins. The enzyme helps to flush the toxins, removes stagnant blood and kick start the skin. Once the enzyme treatment was over my skin felt AMAZING! The enzyme helped to lift some more skin.

Day Seven, Eight, Nine – My skin was still peeling but only around the edges of my face and some areas had fully peeled away. The breakouts had started to subside. I started to notice how much brighter my skin was and any inflammation had gone. I could start to see the results already and was getting a lot of compliments on how great my skin was looking. Brighter and less pigmentation, smoother texture, plumper and smoother where I had some fine lines.

Day Ten – Today is the last day salon visit for the RP package. Today I had the second lift off facial. This removed any remaining skin peeling. My skin is feeling so soft and smooth. The breakouts are healing and clearing up. My skin is bright and plump! I am so happy with the results and the skin will continue to improve over the next few weeks.


Honestly I am thrilled with the results! Worth it!!!!

My skin is so clear, bright and firm. I LOVE going makeup free which was something I never did before discovering DMK! I have very few breakouts after my RP. My skin keeps getting better and better as time goes on. I’m loving my skin so much!

From the photos below you can see the pigmentation has lightened and the skin texture is a-lot smoother. Over all the skin is brighter and healthier looking.

The bottom three photos are taken with the OBSERV which allows us to see what the naked eye can’t always see. The pigmentation has broken up more and more overall constancy in the skin.