It’s Time to Give Our Skin the Attention it Deserves

Maintaining great skin goes so much deeper than just the sporadic facial and some expensive products. At the Beauty Company, we are passionate about giving your skin the attention that it deserves, read about how we can go on this journey together.

my shortcomings at the gym

Let me tell you a quick story about my gym routine. There have been many plans, schedules and dreams of getting to the gym regularly and being as fit as… well you name her! Unfortunately for me working out has not been something I have been able to stick to long enough to get the results I dream of. I know what I need to do to achieve the body I want, yet can’t find the time and motivation level to commit. No commitment, routine and no regular work outs = no results. The exact same principle applies to our skin. I hear so many women wanting glowing skin, yet come in for an occasional facial here or there and haven’t had the discipline to commit to a skin routine that will see the results they want. I am passionate about educating and inspiring you to make a commitment to your skin, and to start a regular, consistent routine that will achieve the results you desire.

It is time that we take care of our skin properly and give it the time and attention it deserves. Going to the gym on a regular basis, taking time and putting in effort always shows results as long as you are persistent – if we take the same dedicated approach with our skin, the results that we want are only a stone’s throw away. Whether we have ageing concerns, acne problems, dryness or any other problem, a consistent routine will enlighten your mind into the method behind the glow.

Moreover, simply working out at the gym with no routine and not fully understanding the mechanics of your exercising will forever limit your capacity for growth. The same can be said about skin care – If you don’t understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what,’ you will forever limit your capacity for great skin.

As skin therapists, we love clients that take the time to treat their skin the way it deserves to be treated. We would love to give you a better understanding of what ongoing great skin looks and feels like as we put the time, effort and energy to treat the core issue thus ensuring maximum results. The service that we provide is not simply a treatment plan, it also educates you on the best way to treat your skin, and shows you what it takes to continue with great skin.

The next step for you is to come in for a consultation, let us have a look at your skin and together we can put together a ‘gym routine’ for your skin. ;P

Start your journey with us with an obligation free skin consultation. Our skin specialists will provide you with a tailored product prescription and treatment plan to help you achieve your end goal.


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